Cretan Dakos

dakos.pngEasy, fast and tasty.
Learn how to make the recipe, the hallmark of Crete, the Cretan Dakos.


2 barley rusks
1 large ripe tomato
2 tablespoons cream cheese or Cretan
150 to 200 grams grated cheese in hand
oil, salt, pepper
oregano freshly


Lightly wet barley rusks with a little water and rub it over the tomatoes or chopped into small pieces.

Add the cream cheese or cheese and sprinkle with olive oil.

Sprinkle the oregano, salt and pepper and enjoy.

Good luck!

Traditional Sight and Food

Gerani Square,
Rethymnon, pc 74100.
Telephone: +30 28310 31800



Traditional sight and food.

You can find us, 7 km from Rethymnon, at Gerani village. Our village combines mountain and sea.

Telephones 28310.31800 and anytime on 6973.344298.

During the summer months we open to visitors from 10:00 for breakfast. During the day enjoy food, koffee and drinks.

We also accept groups of up to 70 people and any kind of gathering.